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Success awaits us, but we must strategize, network, and plan it all out first.



As an entrepreneur, personal and professional development mean everything to you. You want to bring value to yourself, your business, your clients, and your supporters. This value is gained with personal belief, identity, and confidence in oneself, personal development, business networking and mentorship, and increases with every connection you make and every piece of knowledge you learn.


To create a diverse, supportive and inclusive networking space where entrepreneurs in Edmonton can realize their full potential and make a positive impact on the world. 


Nexus Ignite hosts 3 networking events, annually, and Edmonton is the main stage where this happens. The event highlights personal and business development with the inclusion of guest speakers to share their wisdom on entrepreneurial topics.

Personal development is where it all begins for an entrepreneur if one is to be successful.

It is the wellbeing of mind, body, and spirit and the formation of an unshakeable identity; it is finding your purpose.


Once these fundamentals are forged, value, vision, and mission will come naturally, and business development can begin. You will hear how our speakers were able to find ways to affirm their integrity and go forward

with conviction.

Business development is putting the specifics into place. It is knowing exactly who you want to work with and reaching those people; it is the confidence that you bring value to your field.


Our business development speakers will educate you on networking and mentorship and instill an understanding of why it is so important to have these

connections when it comes to growing your business.

When we help others reach what they want, what we want reaches us. Giving more than one receives is rewarding as there is no better investment than to invest in people.

Complete our
business assessment form to identify your business’ strengths and weaknesses.

What areas do you still need to nurture, and what areas are ready to be shared with the world?

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Events page for occasions that will benefit you entrepreneurial pursuits.

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