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Nexus Ignite began in 2019 with the purpose of connecting Edmonton’s entrepreneurs and business professionals in a setting that encourages networking in education.

It gives people a place to discuss the hills and valleys of entrepreneurship and meet potential clients and leaders from a variety of industries. 

Today, Nexus is an ongoing platform that connects people from a wide variety of fields to uplift and support one another’s businesses and art.

Entrepreneurs can tap into networking opportunities, access valuable resources, and seek professional guidance to pave their path to success.

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Nexus is open to all, but invites Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) to showcase their work, share their knowledge, and network with fellow entrepreneurs within the business community. This is to recognize that this group is more likely to face barriers in entrepreneurship, art, and business due to systemic disadvantages. 

We want to uplift Albertans who are inclined to pursue these feats in spite of the barriers they may face and provide them not only with a supportive network of peers, but exposure and knowledge that they can implement going forward.

Our own doubts, fears, and beliefs about ourselves can also limit us from reaching our greatest potential. Nexus approaches the concept of success with the idea that one must have the ability to change the way their mind works in order to stride further than ever before.


Welcome to Nexus, where we shine a spotlight on the dynamic entrepreneurial and artistic movements within our city. With over 30,000 local businesses, Edmonton pulsates with potential, and we're here to showcase its vibrant energy and capacity for growth and creativity.


In the heart of Edmonton, a community of driven individuals fuels our thriving local economy. Investing in Edmonton yields fruitful returns, and we're here to guide you towards opportunities for expansion and progress.


Explore our Nexus media page to uncover the plethora of exciting events and attractions Edmonton has to offer. Our focus extends beyond the surface to delve into the diverse and lively entrepreneurial ecosystem, highlighting the wealth of opportunities for innovation and advancement. Edmonton isn't just a city; it's a hub of possibility and support for entrepreneurial ventures.


Discover why Edmonton is not only an ideal city to live in but also to invest in. Join us in celebrating its supportive environment and boundless potential for entrepreneurial success.

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